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Internet not working AND Phone won't turn on/connect.


Internet isn't working on my computer and the phone is off/isn't connecting.

In most desktop computer applications in the county the internet will run from a wall jack to the phone. A seperate line will then run from the phone to the CPU. This is all accomplished through an ethernet cable. The phone is actually powered by the ethernet cable.
1. Check the connection from the wall to the phone. Typically this is the connection that will be dislodged/ disturbed. When checking the connection look at the socket and the plug. Check both areas for signs of damage or corrosion. Also ensure that the ethernet is plugged into the "SW" socket on the phone
2. Check Connection from phone to CPU. It should be plugged into the "PC" socket on the phone and the ethernet port on the CPU

Did the phone turn on? Is the internet working?

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